The Top 3 Most Common Garage Door Injuries

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Most Common Garage Door Injuries


Even though garage doors are also an important part of your home there will be at times that they can also be hazardous. They are quite heavy, most of the garage doors weigh over 100 pounds and some go beyond 200 pounds or more. You should also consider that garage doors are formed of many components and are subject to tremendous tension.

It is no surprise that garage doors can also cause injuries at home. Every year, there are as many as 30,000 injuries caused by garage doors. This highlights the dangers and risks garage doors post can cause for it is the most frequent part in use. Most victims of garage doors are kids and this could victimize adults too. Visit us here

Every homeowner must be aware of the steps that can help them avoid those injuries.

Here are the top 3 most common garage door injuries and how to avoid them:


The Garage Door Crushing Someone Underneath


The most common garage door injury that sometimes results in death is when a person is crushed under it. Sadly the majority of victims of these accidents are children. Kids are more susceptible than adults because they are unaware to recognize danger or any situation if the garage door is closing.


Luckily, modern garage doors are already equipped to manage such situations. Automatic sensors are available and it is able to detect a person or an object when closing. This will be able to stop the garage door and even make a reverse movement. The benefit of automatic sensors is to protect the whole family and the pets as well.


Getting Trapped in the Garage


Being trapped or locked inside the garage is also a common accident that is associated with garage doors. This will possibly happen when the garage door’s spring is malfunctioning. You possibly realize how important the springs are when talking about garage door functions.


There’s a chance that the springs will get rusty, crack or loosen which will cause the garage door to malfunction. Defective springs can definitely lead to accidents since it is in control of raising and lowering the garage door. To avoid getting trapped inside your garage is to check your garage door springs regularly and replace them as needed.


Getting Your Fingers stuck by the Garage Door


If you experienced stuck fingers in the garage door you are aware that it is a garage door common accident. Children are the most vulnerable to this injury although it is not rare for adults to suffer from this injury as well.


Making sure for the safety of the whole household and preventing stuck or pinched fingers while the garage door is closing, you need to be aware of the danger that it causes. If you notice that the garage door is moving, the only way to be safe is to simply get away from it. The garage door needed space to function properly and this action secures everyone’s safety.

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