Facts About Your Garage Door Opener You Need To Know

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Your Garage Door Opener You Need To Know


The Garage Door opener allows access to garage doors through the use of a remote keypad or control as opposed to opening the door manually. It is vital that garage door opener doors are properly set up since they can ensure the security of the garage door.

Some tips to keep your garage door opener in good condition to do the task at hand.

1. Reverse Feature

Federal law allows garage door openers that include reverse-operating features. The garage door opens by itself and shuts down in the event of obstructions. This function should be checked on a regular basis to ensure there aren’t any problems.

2. Eyes which are photoelectric

It is also crucial to ensure that your door openers come with photoelectric eyes, which must be set at about six inches above the ground. Eyes that emit a beam of light. If the beam gets damaged, the door will open automatically with the reverse function. It is crucial to make sure that the eyes are set six inches higher than the ground otherwise, small pets or children could be overlooked.

3. Rolling Code

One security element that can be vital to safeguarding the Garage door opener could be the rolling code. The signal transmitted by the transmitter used to open and close garage doors could be monitored by burglars. So, it is advised to transmit the signal using a rolling code which means that the code will be updated after every use. Even if thieves are able to steal the signal, however, it won’t be effective. Learn more and contact our Experts at Garage Door Repair Bryan TX

4. Remote controls

Remote controls must be kept away from kids’ reach. If you are leaving your car in the garage away from the house ensure that you keep the remote in the garage because it may allow burglars access into your garage. Check that the garage entrance that links your house to the garage is secure and locked at night.

5. Wall button

Another safety aspect you must keep in mind is the push button that is on the wall of your garage door opener should always be 5 feet or higher above the surface to ensure it’s not within reach of children. It’s a risk for kids who play with garage doors as they can be extremely heavy.

If you plan to travel for a lengthy period of time be sure the garage door openers are shut off to ensure that the garage isn’t used as a way to enter by burglars.

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