Five Common Garage Door Repairs

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 Garage Door Repair


Although garage door maintenance is not as common as car repairs, they can still fail if they are not maintained on a regular basis. Garage doors are generally reliable in terms of functionality and rarely fail to function. However, extreme weather conditions could affect its ability to function properly.

As a way of better helping homeowners, this article will focus on five common garage door repairs. These are common garage door repairs. For more complicated problems, it is best to hire a professional technician to fix your garage door.

1. Repairing Track Damage

The metal tracks responsible for moving your garage door could be the problem. This is the most common garage door repair. If the task seems too difficult, contact a Mississauga garage door dealer to help you. For any signs of trouble, inspect the metal track from all sides. Grab a hammer to straighten the track if you find any obstacles.

2. Alignment of Metal Tracks

There are chances that the tracks are not properly aligned if there aren’t any dents in the metal tracks. This could cause the garage door to veer off-track. Garage doors will function properly if they are aligned correctly. Simply loosen the bolts, and then gently tap the tracks into place. Take a close look at the tracks to ensure they are aligned and then screw them back in.  To learn more contact our experts at Garage Door Repair in Lewisville TX

3. Elimination of the ‘Squeaky sound’

Other than the normal garage door clattering, you should immediately address any other audible indicators. Garage doors can make a squeaky noise when they open or close. This is an indication that the door doesn’t have enough lubrication. Use WD-40 as a lubricant to coat the wheels and metal track. Allow the lubricant to soak for a while before opening the garage door again to allow the lubricant to spread evenly across the track.

4. Garage Door Opener Failure

The garage door opener controls all aspects of garage door operation. It’s important to verify that the garage door opener is turning on. Most garage door openers include a backup energy supply. Also, make sure it is working correctly. If the problem persists, check for signs of damage to the metal tracks. As mentioned, you can repair them. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, the door opener may be internally damaged and need to be replaced. Ask your Toronto garage door repairmen for assistance if you need it.

5. Remote Door Opener Failures

This is the simplest garage door repair. Simply replace the batteries. If the problem persists, take it to your garage door company. You can either have it fixed or replaced by them.

These are some common garage door repairs that property owners can easily perform. As we have said, it is important to seek professional assistance from garage door professionals. They can provide the solution you seek.


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