The Garage Door Repair Process


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 Garage door repair process


A broken garage door? How are you going to deal with that yourself? You got to admit, it can be a little scary and intimidating to think about. Because the first thing you think about is that it’s too complicated and you wouldn’t be able to pull it off on your own.

However, you might still want to know about the whole process. If you are inclined to do it yourself, then you would do well to know some of the most important details about it. 

This is the garage door repair process. If you have any interest in doing it yourself then you better take note of the step-by-step process.

Step #1: Check the Garage Door Tracks


Check out the tracks of the garage door. You’ll need to take a good, close look at both the metal tracks and the mounting brackets. This would be for you to see if they are fixed properly and firmly to the wall. You never know, it might just be a simple case of a loose screw or a loose bolt that is supposed to keep the brackets connected. But even the simplest problems can still cause the garage door to have a major malfunction. Try to look at the interior parts and check if you can find any damages.


Step #2: Make Sure You Use the Right Tools

An important part of the process is making sure that you use the right tools. Suppose you find a bend or a warp in the inner part of the metal track and you want to fix it. You can use a carpenter’s hammer or a rubber mallet for the purpose of straightening it and returning it to its original form. So that no further damage will be caused to the metal track, you can use a block of wood for the purpose. But if your garage door is severely damaged then having the right tools won’t help. You’ll need the help of professionals or replace it entirely.


Step #3: Clean the Rollers and Tracks

Your garage door track needs to be kept operating smoothly. For the purpose of making sure that happens, you can use WD – 40 to grease the tracks. Remove any hardened dirt or debris that could be impeding the garage door and causing it to get stuck by using an old rag for wiping. Do this for the garage door rollers as well. Just make sure that you wipe them down carefully after.


Step #4: Replace Any Loose Bolts and Screws

Bolt and screws can loosen over time because of wear and tear and repeated use. Replace the screws using newer and longer ones that have the same circumference if the hole happens to be too large. What can you do if the wood is cracked near the hinges? If it is, then you will have to remove it and fill back the cracks using wood filler. Just make sure that you use a new hinge rather than an old one.


Step #5: Find Out if the Problem is Connected to the Garage Door Opener

After cleaning and doing everything to maintain the mechanical aspects of your garage door tracks and if there are still problems, then it might be about the garage door opener. If that’s the case, then you will likely need the help of a contractor that specializes in garage door openers. But at least you found out about the problem since you were aware of the garage door repair process. Visit Garage Door Digital Marketing



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