How to Prevent Trespassers From Getting Through Your Garage Door

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Preventing Trespassers From Getting Through Your Garage Door


One of the main motives behind garage doors is for security purposes however it doesn’t mean that it’s safe from burglars. Actually, a lot of criminals and burglars have found it easy to gain entry into homes via the garage door.


If an intruder is passing upon a home they would like to take over it is a good idea to check for weaknesses. They’ll typically check the type of garage door set up as they are able to get inside it in a matter of minutes when it’s not secure enough.


Learn more about how to stop intruders from entering through your garage door as well as into the home


Remove The Cord Attached to the Garage Door Release Lever


The cord that is attached to the lever that opens the garage door is a convenient feature. It’s particularly helpful in times such as power outages where you’ll need to pull the lever to raise to open the door.


Removing the cord can be lengthy, particularly for burglars who don’t have enough time. Since it can take too long for the burglar or intruder to remove the cord, they are likely to abandon the task due to fear of being found. In any event, it is a huge danger. to learn more visit today.


In the event of an emergency, and there is no power, make sure that you can lift the lever. This will allow you to open up your garage door by hand.


Lock the Release Lever


Additionally, you can lock the lever in the activated position. It will also ensure that the cord in place. It is possible to have garage doors in which cables made of plastic or wires are used to tie a lever onto the.


There is always an opening within the lever, where it is where the cable release tucked. There are also carriages with holes through which cables are tied or wire is able to be tied. You can also make a hole in the event that the garage door won’t open.


Install Motion Sensors


A great option for deterring intruders is to install motion sensors inside the garage doors. The light will be able to detect the presence of any movement occurring in the doorway and will turn red when it detects it.


The light that comes from motion sensors will stay in place for a certain amount of time following the time it turns off. When it comes to the power sources for the sensors there are solar-powered options as well as electricity-powered ones. There are some models that are hard-wired.


Don’t Forget to Lock the Door Between Your Home and Garage


Last but not least, remember to take essential security precautions and that is to secure the door that connects your garage and your home. Always lock the garage every time you step out of your house. The one thing you don’t want is for burglars to enter your garage. If they did, it’d be easy for them to gain access to all the other parts of your house.


Sometimes, all you need is to take the simplest steps to keep intruders from infiltrating your home. Knowing the methods to keep intruders out through the garage door is an excellent beginning.


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